NZ Media is a Profit Center

There was once a school of thought the media would report both sides of the story, fair and balanced, well researched, factual, and let the reader decide the balance of the debate for themselves.

Nope that theory went out the window under Rupert Murdoch. Now the media must chase the almighty dollar.  The news broadcast is now a profit center and it must bank huge profits. News that sells is the priority, news that has a long life selling is even better.  Pop corn news has priority over complex matters, as it is easier to sell.

The above failed concept of the Murdoch news presentation is one of the reasons why news via the internet has exploded, well informed bloggers and forum posts attract those that seek out the truth.

The ‘news must sell’ concept has shaped policy in NZders life.

1) MMP: This country should not be run under MMP, as we are too small. MMP runs the country by a thousand committees and the voter never gets what they voted for win or lose. Yet the media wants MMP because is a source for more stories, more squabbles on issues, more rat bag idiot MPs have a say. More stuff to right about.

2) Climate Change: There is no science to say man made climate change is a threat to anyone. Yes there are mathematical models FORECASTING way in the future scary stuff, but no science. A climate change scientist has no better forecasting abilities than your bank funded economist. They have no idea. Yet the media wants this story to run and run and run. As you get great print when matters are grey. Dont believe me remember the Ozone debate that dominated the media for a decade. The ozone repaired it self and the story died.

This is the point: The media doesnt make money when humpty dumpty is sitting on the wall nice and happy, as this is NOT news. They need humpty to fall.  This gives the media news to write about.

Once you understand this, you will agree that the media are whores to almighty dollar and not to the fair and balanced presentation of the news that affect all our lives.

There is no difference between the media, tobacco and alcohol companies, they all feed the public a form of adictive juice that is used to gain profits.

Remember this next time an arguement of MMP and Climate change is presented to you!


NASA data forces global warming re think

NASA scientist were some of the first to get religion on global man made warming alarmism. Now new data suggest that there really is NO FUSS. The earth releases heat into space to moderate its own temperature. The new data suggest that the previously determine loss of the heat to space was calculated as too low in the computer models (ha ha), and the evidence is now that it very very  much higher.

More proof that earth is a living organism that self adjusts.

Source: New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole in Global Warming Alarmism

John Key 2005 Statements

See Hansard debates at: 

JOHN KEY (National—Helensville) : “I rise on behalf of the National Party to give the good news to the people of New Zealand—that is, the Climate Change Response Amendment Bill is a load of rubbish and the National Party will not be supporting it, for very, very good reasons indeed.”
“Yet here we are down in New Zealand, a very little country with about 0.2 percent of the world’s emissions, putting a self-imposed straitjacket on our businesses, and waving a huge flag that says: “Foreign investment, don’t come anywhere near us. Australia is over there—the West Island. Go over there to pour your dollars in.” To the Chinese we are saying: “Come in and buy as much coal as you like from our West Coast. We’ll sell it to you and you can burn it without a carbon charge—but, by the way, to those back here in Aotearoa New Zealand we will be slapping on a carbon charge and you won’t be able to operate.”

“This is a complete and utter hoax, if I may say so. The impact of the Kyoto Protocol, even if one believes in global warming—and I am somewhat suspicious of it—is that we will see billions and billions of dollars poured into fixing something that we are not even sure is a problem. Even if it is a problem, it will be delayed for about 6 years. Then it will hit the world in 2096 instead of 2102, or something like that. It will not work.”
COMMENTS: Flipper Flopper, barstard !

Green World Wide Wealth Distribution

Source: Cuncan Conference

The news is that the world governments will pay into a fund approx $100bn USD to help poor countries battle climate change.

Tax payers from advanced economies paying into a fund controlled by the UN to distribute funds at their GOD GIVEN will to poor third world countries.

What a bloody con !

1) The UN now have a means to TAX every advanced country in the world, and USE GUILT or SHAME if you dont pay your share !

2) The UN is packed with the political left (yes Helen Clark is in there as well) , so if you dont subscribe to their socialist ways do you think you wll get a dime.

3) Once HARD CASH is paid to the a third world country do you think the UN has any chance of policing how its spent. And if they do find any wrong doing do you think they would report it, hell no, they dont want any evidence that their system may fail. Dont believe me, ask where has the $97m gone that was given to Samoa after the Tsunami ??? You can bet if $1 dollar is given to a poor African country, $0.10 will go one climate change to show the cameras and the rest will go on whatever the Dictator or sham government wants it to go on !

The socialist in Greenpeace and George Soros are having a win today !

Your money and freedom is slowly been sucked away from you !

Monies for hosiptals and schools in NZ are beeing filtered off to the UN for their World Government Games !

Kerre WoodHam Nails it ! ETS is a Crock !

Source: Smith’s ETS backflip


ETS is great for those who own trees, transfer of wealth is all for you !

The piece is so good.. I post it in full.

What a red letter day on Thursday! We saw the introduction of the ETS – the scheme that few understand and that no-one believes will save the planet.

Nick Smith’s backflip on this is breathtaking. In 2005 he thundered in what has now become an infamous column: “The madness of the government’s new carbon tax is that New Zealanders will be the only ones in the world paying for it. It will drive up the cost of living and undermine the competitiveness of New Zealand for negligible environmental gain.”

By 2010, the Climate Change Minister had clearly had a road to Damascus experience. “The ETS is the most efficient and least-cost way to bring emissions under control, meet our international obligations and protect New Zealand’s clean, green brand,” he claimed this week.

And the reason he can live with this change of heart without looking in the mirror and seeing a weasel is because Labour wanted a carbon tax that was much more punitive on business. This is an emissions trading scheme which is another thing entirely.

Oh, bollocks. It’s still a tax for a misguided scheme.

And for the Government to claim that without an ETS we jeopardise our export interests is nonsense.

Who are our biggest export markets? Australia. China. Japan. And the US. Not an ETS amongst them.

The Government’s guide to understanding the ETS, which you can find on the web, is also a testimony to obfuscation and spin. It claims most New Zealanders won’t participate directly in the scheme.

Really? I would have thought paying more for just about everything will be a very direct form of participation. The questions posted are the sort of patsy questions junior MPs ask of their ministers in the debating chamber.

What I do want to know is what the repercussions will be for this country if we don’t introduce an ETS until our major trading partners do.

Will the money paid to the Government through the ETS cover the money to be paid to all those with interests in forestry who include the Harvard endowment fund?

The global investment fund of the US university has a big stake in Kaiangaroa Forest and they’ll be tickled pink to think they’re getting such a splendid return.

The ETS is a crock, but National’s gambling on the fact that voters have nowhere else to go except to Act and that may well be a shift to the right too far for most Kiwis.

COMMENTS: I am not stating my politcal views, but I agree 100% with the above. NZders you are being screwed !

ManMade Global Warming Debate Fails

Source: Legal verdict: Manmade global warming science doesn’t withstand scrutiny


…”A cross examination of global warming science conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Law and Economics has concluded that virtually every claim advanced by global warming proponents fail to stand up to scrutiny.

The cross-examination, carried out by Jason Scott Johnston, Professor and Director of the Program on Law, Environment and Economy at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, found that “on virtually every major issue in climate change science, the [reports of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] and other summarizing work by leading climate establishment scientists have adopted various rhetorical strategies that seem to systematically conceal or minimize what appear to be fundamental scientific uncertainties or even disagreements.”

Professor Johnson, who expressed surprise that the case for global warming was so weak, systematically examined the claims made in IPCC publications and other similar work by leading climate establishment scientists and compared them with what is found in the peer-edited climate science literature. He found that the climate establishment does not follow the scientific method. Instead, it “seems overall to comprise an effort to marshal evidence in favor of a predetermined policy preference.”…

COMMENTS: If you still believe in man made global warming, either you cant read, or you are just plain stupid !

NZ ETS must go ahead because..

After hearing this on the radio…

First, we know that the scientific reason for carbon tax is unfounded, and we also know that our main international trading partners do NOT have an ETS (I refer to Aus, US, UK, Asia) so for NZ to have a carbon tax that no one else has is just another large nail in NZ anti competitive coffin.

So what happens if we cancel the ETS tax ?

1) New Zealanders will not get taxed for carbon usages.
2) Those that have been promised cash credits will not get them.

As it just happens, the recent forest deals completed with the Maori tribes are promised cash carbon credits to finance their tree planting plans. If there are no CASH credits from the carbon tax, then there is no finance for the planting, and most likely a bill will be sent to the government for non delivered cash credits.

The government doesn’t want to have another MILLION dollar bill to be paid from the general tax fund as they dont have the money. The idea was the ETS tax would pay the Maori carbon credit bill.

Short story: The ETS is a special tax to pay for a Maori treaty claim !

Bloody Great !

Note: I have no opinion on the rights of Maori to any claim, I do have an opinion on the NZ government reasons for executing a carbon (ETS) tax.

NZders:Take a GOOD LOOK at yourself !

Here you go, this is who you are  NZders, you are ‘Sheep’ soon to be lamb chops !

Get out and fight this ETS rubbish Kiwis !

The govt has just increased your taxes by 5% with this ETS. Bend over and take another govt rogering, or get out and fight it. Call your MP, email, blog, write to the local editor, your freedom is being stolen.

The NZ media are pro ETS and climate change because they are poorly educated liberal idiots. You must do it yourself !

Plant Science: Saving the planet is a lot of nonsense

Source: Lovelock: ‘We can’t save the planet’ (BBC)

FROM ..Professor James Lovelock, the scientist who developed Gaia theory, has said it is too late to try and save the planet. The man who achieved global fame for his theory that the whole earth is a single organism now believes that we can only hope that the earth will take care of itself in the face of completely unpredictable climate change.


…The planet hasnt warmed this century
…The plant will save it self.
…Science for money cant be believed

…Renewable technology ‘doesn’t really work’

…Trying to save the planet ‘is a lot of nonsense’


Green mad scientist scares NZ Exporters

NZ lamp chops are better than the UK’s produced lamb chops (well lets say).

Q:  BUT how can UK produces price our lamb chops out of the market ?

A: Dream up a carbon charge.

This is what this carbon tax is about, protecting ones home turf. Nothing to do with a bogus global warming charge.

Source: Gases mostly in paddock

King Of Climate Change: Confession!

Source: Climategate’s Phil Jones Confesses to Climate Fraud

By now, Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) should require no introduction, so let’s get right to it. In a BBC Q&A and corresponding interview released Friday, the discredited Climategate conspirator revealed a number of surprising insights into his true climate beliefs, the most shocking of which was that 20th-century global warming may not have been unprecedented. As the entire anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory is predicated on correlation with rising CO2 levels, this first-such confession from an IPCC senior scientist is nothing short of earth-shattering.

Of course, much will be made of Jones’s claim that the refusal to share raw temperature data was partially based on the fact that it “was not well enough organized.” And rightly so, as the very idea that the major datasets CRU released for use in vital anomaly and temperature reconstructions were based on data not “organized” enough to be made public reeks of fraudulent behavior.

Then there are the statements Jones made regarding relatively recent temperature trends which truly boggle the mind.

Imagine a man who has spent the better part of the past 25 years toiling to convince the world of CO2-forced 20th-century warming now admitting that the difference in warming rates for the periods 1860-1880, 1910-40 and 1975-2009 is statistically insignificant. Jones even acceded that there has been no statistically-significant global warming since 1995; that in fact, global temperatures have been trending to the downside since January of 2002, although he denied the statistical significance of the -0.12C per decade decline.


NZder ‘Climate Cheerleader’ Jim Salinger was his work buddie,  in his younger days and also implicated in the hacked email scam !

And also Micheal Mann is deep in this poo as well.

Birds of a feather !

If this was your heart surgeon..

Source: Scientist defends climate report despite slip-ups

…”A report by the United Nations’ expert panel on climate change, which is under fire for the sourcing of its information, has been defended by a New Zealand scientist who contributed.

A claim by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that global warming was melting glaciers in the European Alps, the Andes and Africa was based on a student dissertation and a climbing magazine article, not scientific journal papers, the London Sunday Telegraph said.

Dr Salinger defended the report, saying: “You’ll find that a huge part of the volume is there and just because there’s one or two slip-ups, that doesn’t negate the whole of the article.”….

COMMENTS: Sorry science does not do 1+4  = 6.. If you heart surgeon was this wrong would you go under the knife. Or worse pay huge taxes for falsehoods…

New Ice Age..just like 1970’s

Accuweather’s meteorologist Joe Bastardi has a new video titled Worldwide Cold not Seen Since 70s Ice Age Scare.” Bastardi points out that the frigid conditions affecting significant parts of the world today – North America, Europe, and Asia – are very similar to the patterns in the 1970s, when fears of a new Ice Age were hyped by the media. He repeatedly compares maps of the cold spots from January 1-10, 1977 and current ones and notes the strong similarities…

COMMENTS: ha ha … ha ha

It getting colder NOT warmer !

Climate Change a UK election issue.

Source: here


UK have their elections next year, and as Gordon Brown is pushing the ‘climate change’ issue, it will visible to all other politicians in the western world that backing a dead horse will see you lose your job.

The UK political full out on the climate change issue will effect the strategies of politicians all around the world. Go the UK voters. It looks like to me the Murdoch papers have drawn a line in the sand, which is for more open free debate on the climate change man made issue.

The man made climate change supporters will fall, along with there doubtful science.

It will never happen..

Source: Climate accord process must change

…”Mr Key said he was more upbeat now about what the summit had achieved than when he left it.

“When we left the conference it was easy to think that we had not achieved a hell of a lot. I think 24 hours on I actually feel there is the makings of a deal there.”

But he said developing countries had to be more realistic in their demands of developed countries.

“Small countries like Bolivia and Sudan can jump up and down and stamp their feet but they are irrelevant when it comes to solving the challenge of climate change.

There would be no credible response to climate change without the United States and China, coupled with Brazil, India, South Africa and the European Union,[BLOG: So why does NZ pay a ETS tax, if they dont !] the PM said.”…

COMMENTS: So what did Copenhagen highlight.

1) A vote for John Key is a vote for Greenpeace.

2) China and India will never agree, and even if they do, they will never act on any CO2 reductions.

3) Obama soon to be ‘dead duck president’ next year (as he will lose control of both houses of congress). Congress will never agree to a cap and trade (ETS) legislation.

4) If the science behind global warming was undisputed by the best minds on the subject an international treaty would be achieved.

5) The science behind man made global warming is a hoax.

6) Al Gore has become a liability for his own argument.

7) Any mass meeting of this nature again will see it torpedo by the new evidence of the hack science behind it (ie whistle blowers releasing damaging emails of the rubbish science behind man made global warming).

8.) The argument of man made global warming is DOOMED, and those that back it will lose. Politicians be warned.

Russian Climate data excluded..

Source: Climategate expands – Russians allege data manipulated and excluded to show warming

…”If it is true that Hadley willfully omitted otherwise acceptable data, it would lend empirical evidence to the charges of collusion and data manipulation that have been leveled at the scientists involved in Climategate. Questions already abound over the accuracy of the data used to formulate the manmade climate change theory and many have said the data was cherry-picked and modified at will by scientists. The omission of hundreds of stations that do not show warming could shatter the very basis of the science.”…

COMMENTS: The truth shall set the world free of these cheats.

Its about spreading the wealth !

Tony Blair …”To Hell With the Science?! Tony Blair: ‘World must take action on climate change even if the science is not correct’ — Concedes science may not be ‘as certain as its proponents allege”…

COMMENTS: Scary hysteria to get money from your pocket to those that want it. ‘Spreading the wealth’ is the motivation of the liberals and lefties that populate IPCC and ‘red’ that support them.

Source:Copenhagen climate summit: Tony Blair calls on world leaders to ‘get moving’

UN Scientists vs UN Scientists

Source: CLIMATE CHANGE FOR DUMMIES by Prof. Will Alexander, S. African UN Scientist.

…”Science is being manipulated for political purposes. Now, at Copenhagen, the wellbeing of tens of millions of people on this planet is based on this manipulated science.

As you will see, there is simply no way that the Copenhagen objectives can be successfully applied in the developing countries of Africa, regardless of any donations of money or technology. The only way that I can retain my sanity is by developing a sense of humour.”…

CO2: Where does it go ?

CO2 does go into the atmosphere from the planet and has done for 1000’s of years. 

But where does it go ?

1) Well the ozone plays a role in this, the ozone swings from thin to thick (remember the ozone scare a few years back), and when its thin the CO2 escapes into space ! And there is plenty of space to go around !

2) The ocean and small sea life soak up a huge percentage of CO2.

3) Plants.

Its as simple as that !

This does not mean that this blog support human pollution. Please read the ‘Why?’ pages. Thanks.

Which science group should examine climate?

Source: Scientist drilling off NZ drills IPCC

…”Today, Prof Carter argued that the study of climate change had been “captured” by the small group of well-connected, well-networked and well-funded atmospheric scientists and computer modellers who advise the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

He claimed that the course of climate history and change on Earth should be the domain of geologists, “not meteorologists and computer jockeys”. 

Today, Prof Carter argued that the study of climate change had been “captured” by the small group of well-connected, well-networked and well-funded atmospheric scientists and computer modellers who advise the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

He claimed that the course of climate history and change on Earth should be the domain of geologists, “not meteorologists and computer jockeys“.”…


COMMENTS: If you  require the last year or the next then that would be meteorologists.

If you require the last 500 or 2,000 years then that would be geologists. Why, the data found in rocks and the like is more of a truth and historic time line of the plant events than meteorologists computer models. ( Just ask Wall Street about there Sub Prime computer models, how well did that do in 2008?) 

Therefore NIWA using 100 year data from ships placing a bucket over the side to read the top 12 inches of the ocean temperature, would seam to me be very weak science to send $100,000,000 NZD p.a to a UN body…

Once again climate warming/change ‘junk’ science tag sticks.

More here : NIWA – Using Ship hands to measure Temperature

TV1: Wishart vs Morgan :20091208

Issue: Is global warming man made ?

Morgan : Affirmative

Wishart : Negative

Both agreed that the science on the subject was not settled. That’s an understatement

Morgan continually said ‘on balance’ of the science available at the end of 2008, that global warming was man made.  Morgan analysis is a excellent example of how an phD in economics would answer, however science is not determined on a 51% to 49% win rate (nor 75% to 25%). After all would you take a new drug if you were told that the drug has a 51% success rate ! 

Science does NOT work with balances, it works with defined clear black and white results. That can be independently verfied over and over again. Unlike economics, which can be more of an art form.

So would you like your government to send your tax dollars to an overseas world exchange or government on a fifty fifty call ?? Of course not !

Morgan did concede that ‘using a hammer to crush a chest nut’ should be a very big warning. So I feel ever Morgan is not sold on the idea !

Home run to Wishart !

Climate change criminals identified…

Here are the worst criminals for climate change/global warming (whatever), if you see them please notify law enforcement !


The Sun: Wanted dead or alive ! $20,000 USD


El Nino: Wanted dead or alive $15,000 USD


Volcanic Eruptions: Wanted dead or alive $5,000

Released : Man made CO2, until evidence suggests other wise.

USA MIT Meteorology Professor: His Case !

Watch these YouTube Videos for the truth..There are 6 videos.

In the last video he says the ..”climate science field is corrupt, you have a community of scientists that are not interested in science”…