Green World Wide Wealth Distribution

Source: Cuncan Conference

The news is that the world governments will pay into a fund approx $100bn USD to help poor countries battle climate change.

Tax payers from advanced economies paying into a fund controlled by the UN to distribute funds at their GOD GIVEN will to poor third world countries.

What a bloody con !

1) The UN now have a means to TAX every advanced country in the world, and USE GUILT or SHAME if you dont pay your share !

2) The UN is packed with the political left (yes Helen Clark is in there as well) , so if you dont subscribe to their socialist ways do you think you wll get a dime.

3) Once HARD CASH is paid to the a third world country do you think the UN has any chance of policing how its spent. And if they do find any wrong doing do you think they would report it, hell no, they dont want any evidence that their system may fail. Dont believe me, ask where has the $97m gone that was given to Samoa after the Tsunami ??? You can bet if $1 dollar is given to a poor African country, $0.10 will go one climate change to show the cameras and the rest will go on whatever the Dictator or sham government wants it to go on !

The socialist in Greenpeace and George Soros are having a win today !

Your money and freedom is slowly been sucked away from you !

Monies for hosiptals and schools in NZ are beeing filtered off to the UN for their World Government Games !

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