NZ Media is a Profit Center

There was once a school of thought the media would report both sides of the story, fair and balanced, well researched, factual, and let the reader decide the balance of the debate for themselves.

Nope that theory went out the window under Rupert Murdoch. Now the media must chase the almighty dollar.  The news broadcast is now a profit center and it must bank huge profits. News that sells is the priority, news that has a long life selling is even better.  Pop corn news has priority over complex matters, as it is easier to sell.

The above failed concept of the Murdoch news presentation is one of the reasons why news via the internet has exploded, well informed bloggers and forum posts attract those that seek out the truth.

The ‘news must sell’ concept has shaped policy in NZders life.

1) MMP: This country should not be run under MMP, as we are too small. MMP runs the country by a thousand committees and the voter never gets what they voted for win or lose. Yet the media wants MMP because is a source for more stories, more squabbles on issues, more rat bag idiot MPs have a say. More stuff to right about.

2) Climate Change: There is no science to say man made climate change is a threat to anyone. Yes there are mathematical models FORECASTING way in the future scary stuff, but no science. A climate change scientist has no better forecasting abilities than your bank funded economist. They have no idea. Yet the media wants this story to run and run and run. As you get great print when matters are grey. Dont believe me remember the Ozone debate that dominated the media for a decade. The ozone repaired it self and the story died.

This is the point: The media doesnt make money when humpty dumpty is sitting on the wall nice and happy, as this is NOT news. They need humpty to fall.  This gives the media news to write about.

Once you understand this, you will agree that the media are whores to almighty dollar and not to the fair and balanced presentation of the news that affect all our lives.

There is no difference between the media, tobacco and alcohol companies, they all feed the public a form of adictive juice that is used to gain profits.

Remember this next time an arguement of MMP and Climate change is presented to you!