It will never happen..

Source: Climate accord process must change

…”Mr Key said he was more upbeat now about what the summit had achieved than when he left it.

“When we left the conference it was easy to think that we had not achieved a hell of a lot. I think 24 hours on I actually feel there is the makings of a deal there.”

But he said developing countries had to be more realistic in their demands of developed countries.

“Small countries like Bolivia and Sudan can jump up and down and stamp their feet but they are irrelevant when it comes to solving the challenge of climate change.

There would be no credible response to climate change without the United States and China, coupled with Brazil, India, South Africa and the European Union,[BLOG: So why does NZ pay a ETS tax, if they dont !] the PM said.”…

COMMENTS: So what did Copenhagen highlight.

1) A vote for John Key is a vote for Greenpeace.

2) China and India will never agree, and even if they do, they will never act on any CO2 reductions.

3) Obama soon to be ‘dead duck president’ next year (as he will lose control of both houses of congress). Congress will never agree to a cap and trade (ETS) legislation.

4) If the science behind global warming was undisputed by the best minds on the subject an international treaty would be achieved.

5) The science behind man made global warming is a hoax.

6) Al Gore has become a liability for his own argument.

7) Any mass meeting of this nature again will see it torpedo by the new evidence of the hack science behind it (ie whistle blowers releasing damaging emails of the rubbish science behind man made global warming).

8.) The argument of man made global warming is DOOMED, and those that back it will lose. Politicians be warned.