If this was your heart surgeon..

Source: Scientist defends climate report despite slip-ups

…”A report by the United Nations’ expert panel on climate change, which is under fire for the sourcing of its information, has been defended by a New Zealand scientist who contributed.

A claim by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that global warming was melting glaciers in the European Alps, the Andes and Africa was based on a student dissertation and a climbing magazine article, not scientific journal papers, the London Sunday Telegraph said.

Dr Salinger defended the report, saying: “You’ll find that a huge part of the volume is there and just because there’s one or two slip-ups, that doesn’t negate the whole of the article.”….

COMMENTS: Sorry science does not do 1+4  = 6.. If you heart surgeon was this wrong would you go under the knife. Or worse pay huge taxes for falsehoods…

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