This is the ONLY reason why NZ has a carbon trading scheme

This is the only reason why the John Key flip flopped on the ETS.  If you scroll down below you will see John Key statements in Hansard stating that he doesn’t believe in man made climate change.


Thats it, NOTHING TO DO with the fraudulent debate of climate change.

The left wing socialists of the European Union have bullied our fat head prime minister to think that our exports wont find a home in the UK or Europe. He was scared into line. Europe is controlled by an unelected body in Brussels that impose their own Marxist ideas on the fools who live in Europe. Communism has moved from the old Russia to the new Europe.

The supply and demand rule that John Key doesn’t understand, and is scared to let it play out in the world markets.


Not all super markets are run by tree hugging man made climate change idiots, not all countries want to eat and drink poor quality product, if NZ exports are good enough then they will find a buyer.  

John Key should NOT have imposed a NATION WIDE ETS, he should have allowed each individual exporting board or company to handle the ‘Carbon issue’ on their own. After all its just part of the standard negotiations between buyer and seller, is it not !

John Key is a fool, or put it another a Prime Minister that was voted in as National leader but is executing the previous Labor government policies.

Currently National is flying high in the poles, and to do this h must be getting support from Labor voters. The main reason why the poles are so friendly is because Key has failed to be fiscally responsible as he spends up large at $400,000,000 per week on the New Zealand Credit card. These monies are not going to build roads or dams or bridges, these monies are going to pay for life style tax credit policies like : No interest on student loans, funded child care, tax break called working for families.

If we continue to borrow the $400,000,000 per WEEK, then about March 2012 NZ gets into serious pissing off international bankers as our government debt to GDP ratio goes into the RED ZONE. This means serious cost cutting is going to rock NZ society  in 2012. With the NZDUSD up at $0.84, might be time to by US Dollars for wealth protection.

The reader can blame the writer, I voted National at the last election, my next electoral vote will, maybe in Australia ! Ha !

Large Countries do manipulate smaller Countries.

Large Countries do manipulate smaller Countries.

Consider this story: (Confessions of an) Economic Hitman

John Perkins Economist confesses all, he tells us about his career as an Economic Hitman.

..”There are two way to conquer a country by force with armed forces or by debt”..

In 1972 a group of small countries held a massive country to ransom. This was OPEC over the USA.

USA by 1972 was all powerful they had own World War 2, but could not stare down OPEC. In 1972 USA had no leverage over the OPEC countries as the USA was owed nothing by OPEC. Once the crisis was over, the US Treasury walked into John Perkins office (and others), and asked how they can avoid such a crisis ever happening again. The response from the Economists was, we must issue them with debt that is owed to the US. The result is OPEC has the oil, and USA has OPEC debt. A balance of power was addressed, where USA had the advantage as they owned OPEC sovereign debt.

PLEASE WATCH the Economic Hitman videos. Posted on

The first video is most amazing:

John Perkins website is a supporter of climate change of which this site is NOT. This post shows how small countries are manipulated by large countries. More so when the larger country owns your debt.

NZ is borrowing $300 million a week, and has done for 3 years. Foreign bankers own our arse!  This debt is called a ‘mark’, and the mark can be on sold to anyone (large banker, or country) who wants to buy it. Anyone that wants to manipulate the country it belongs too.

It makes you wonder how John Key changed his mind on Climate Change, doesn’t ?

John Key screws National Voters on ETS, Says Don Brash

This is to Prime Minister John Key from Don Brash, read the part about ETS…(NOTE: Loaded the whole letter for context reasons, to show John Key speaks with forked tongue !)

John Key and Nick Smith are NOTHING BUT DIRTY ROTTEN liars..

If you scroll down further, you will see both John and Nicks comments debating ETS for the negative, then they flipped flopped as we all know!

The Blog Author


Don Brash

Rt Hon John Key

Prime Minister

Parliament Buildings


12 May 2011

Dear John

It was with a very heavy heart that I felt obliged to resign my membership of the National Party and to seek the leadership of the ACT Party.

I reached my decision after watching with mounting dismay the performance of your Government.

You made great play of your ambition for New Zealand, and your determination to close the trans-Tasman wage gap and staunch the flow of our best young minds to more successful countries.

Yet you have done almost nothing to fulfill that ambition, and now appear to have given up on that goal.

I have not.

Why are you continuing Labour’s wasteful spending?

In Opposition, we both railed against the Clark Government’s squandering of our people’s hard-earned resources:

 the waiving of interest on student loans, which Bill English rightly called “an election year bribe on an unprecedented scale”

 the way the high marginal tax rates of Working for Families create an incentive



to work harder the exorbitant cost of KiwiSaver subsidies



the unaffordable move from subsidizing doctors’ visits for the poor and chronically ill to subsidizing higher earners’ visits as well.

Yet your Government has done almost nothing to wind back this spending. Two and a half years on, the ratio of government spending to the size of the economy is higher now than it ever was under Labour.

As a result, the Government is borrowing over $300 million a week. That’s $300 added to the debt of every New Zealand family, every week.

That is totally irresponsible.


It’s what Labour voters voted for, not National voters.

Why are you stopping young people from working?

In Opposition, National opposed getting rid of the minimum youth wage. One member, I recall, went so far as to suggest this was the route to communism.

You knew the worldwide pattern, as I did – that most employers will not hire teenagers if they’re forced to pay them the same as adults.

Yet in Government, you actually voted against a bill to bring back youth rates. You deprived another 12,000 young people of the chance to get a foot on the job ladder. Instead of allowing them to work for $10 an hour, you consigned them to the dole for $4.50.

That’s what Labour voters voted for, not National voters.

Why did you change your position so completely on the Emissions Trading Scheme?

In Opposition, we both hammered Labour for seeking to be world leaders in combating greenhouse gas emissions. We argued on behalf of our farmers – the lifeblood of this nation – that instead we should be fast followers.

Yet in Government, you’ve introduced the world’s first all-sectors, all-gases Emissions Trading Scheme, sending farmers the message to turn wealth-generating farm land into idle forests.

That’s what Green voters voted for, not National voters.


Why are you ignoring reality on superannuation?

In Opposition, I argued the crucial need to gradually raise the age of eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation, so that it will still be there when people need it.

Every informed observer agrees with me on this. Many other developed countries, including Australia, have already bitten the bullet and announced plans to raise the age of eligibility.

Yet you have promised to resign as Prime Minister rather than face up to this need to secure New Zealanders’ future.

This is just as irresponsible as Labour’s interest-free student loans or middle-class welfare. You are condemning older workers to a sudden shock, or younger workers to intolerably high taxes.

That’s what New Zealand First voters voted for, not National voters.

Why are you widening, not closing, the trans-Tasman wage gap?

In Opposition, we both expressed grave concern about the widening wage gap between New Zealand and Australia.

You gave an excellent speech just before the 2008 election committing any government which you led to bridging that gap.

After the election, you agreed to set up a Taskforce to advise how best to achieve that goal by 2025. You appointed me as chairman of that Taskforce.

Yet to date, you’ve dismissed virtually every recommendation the Taskforce has made. I’ve asked several times if we could meet and discuss our two reports. Each time you’ve declined to meet me.

From time to time, you’ve reaffirmed your commitment to the goal. But there’s not the slightest sign that you’re taking it seriously.

Now you’ve abolished the Taskforce. And of course, the gap continues to grow.

Nobody voted for that – certainly not National voters.


Why did you abandon National’s commitment to equal citizenship?

In Opposition, successive leaders of the National Party have argued for treating all New Zealanders as equal before the law, and for abolishing separate Maori electorates.

Most of your voters would have assumed that a National Government would take those policies seriously.

Yet in Government, you have:

 retained the privileged position of Maori under various statutes

 ratified the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (which even Helen Clark refused to do)

 created an unelected Maori Advisory Board for Auckland

 created a special Maori advisory committee for the Environmental Protection Authority

 made no moves to abolish separate Maori electorates

 pushed through the Marine and Coastal Area Bill, despite having pledged to pull the Bill if it did not have broad public support – which it certainly did not.

That’s what Maori Party voters voted for – certainly not National voters.

Why are you running New Zealand for our opponents?

And so John, I’m forced to agree with those who say you are not running the country for the benefit of all New Zealanders, but for the former Labour and Green voters who crossed over to you in 2008 for, effectively, a three year trial.

And, of course, for the Maori Party MPs, for whose support you seem prepared to trade away a vast treasure chest of our nation’s coastal mineral wealth.

Needless to say, honouring some of your commitments would have required courage. Reversing Labour’s immoral election bribes would not have been easy. 5

But you have spent the last three years building up probably the greatest reserves of prime ministerial popularity in New Zealand history. What’s the point of cultivating such influence unless you plan to use it to help our country?

And if you won’t use it now, in this time of crisis, when will you?

So many people hold you in high esteem. Surely you should easily be able to convince them of the urgent need for responsible economic management. After all, every New Zealand household is having to tighten its belt at the moment. I’m sure they’d support the need to cut wasteful spending, given that we’ve suffered the worst international economic crisis in three generations and two devastating earthquakes.

To be borrowing more than $300 million every week – most of it from foreign lenders – is unconscionable right now. New Zealand’s total overseas debt is already up there with that of Spain and Portugal, and continues to rise.

The electorate gave you a mandate to reverse the excesses of the Labour Government. You had an international environment which demanded firm action.

With ACT’s five MPs, you had a comfortable majority in Parliament. You could have implemented all your pre-election policies.

And so, with deep regret, I felt I had no alternative than to resign my membership of the National Party.


Don Brash

The affirmative side of Global Climate change is man made is defeated.

All those that signed up for “global climate change is man made’, or ‘global climate change full stop is scarred for life as ‘the easy duped or conned’.

That includes the NZ Govt !

And all those plonkers who signed up at were just manipulated by the very left Greenpeace and IPCC and United Nations.

Do worry we forgive you, not everyone gets in right first time.

Now just repeal the ETS tax thanks, not need any more !

I agree with Nick Smith original quote (before he flipped flopped)

“The madness of the government’s new carbon tax is that New Zealanders will be the only ones in the world paying for it. It will drive up the cost of living and undermine the competitiveness of New Zealand for negligible environmental gain.”


How competitive is NZ in the world? NOT !

Source: IMD World Competitive Yearbook 2010

Whats the point of this on a climate change site ?

 If you want to invest $1 million or $10 million why do it in NZ, Australia and Malaysia will give you better long term returns.

Part of the reason, is our HIGH TAX society (yes even after the budget 2010).

For example a wage earner does not hit the top tax rate until $110,000 in Aussie, here it $70,000.

NZders:Take a GOOD LOOK at yourself !

Here you go, this is who you are  NZders, you are ‘Sheep’ soon to be lamb chops !

Get out and fight this ETS rubbish Kiwis !

The govt has just increased your taxes by 5% with this ETS. Bend over and take another govt rogering, or get out and fight it. Call your MP, email, blog, write to the local editor, your freedom is being stolen.

The NZ media are pro ETS and climate change because they are poorly educated liberal idiots. You must do it yourself !

Aussie postpones Carbon Scheme

Source: Rudd does a flip on climate change plans

It reported that Kevin Rud can read the tea leaves. Budgeting for a carbon trading scheme has been halted for at least 3 years. Rud has conceded to opposition popularity that he does NOT have public support for the scheme.

Aussie’s scream louder and make more noise that Kiwi’s, are we just sheep on this side of the Tasman, I guess so.

Our major export competitor and employer of skilled labour has JUST SAID NO to a new tax, that we already have.

Mr Key, how can we catch Aussie economically now? Not a chance.

The kiwi ETS is a joke for our 0.00001% of world carbon emmissons.

Do sheep have any teeth at all…

Fellow New Zealanders: John key, Nick Smith messed up !


Carbon Trading Schemes: Who has it ?

USA : Nope, not going to get one either GOP wont have it, and Obama lost support since Scott Browns win

Aus : Rud out in the cold on this one. It wont happen.

China:Don’t make me laugh !

UK: Gordon Brown wants it, but he wont be in power long enough.

Europe: Yes that have a scheme, but they are run be lefty’s and a trading partner yes, but not our only one !

NZ: Yes, we have one with a delayed start. With NZ at 0.00001% of carbon issues. John and Nick backed the wrong horse here, foolish jumping the gun policy.

NZders show your disgust !

Send an email to :

Unfair Bully Tactics..

Source: NZ hopes to make splash with global plan

Get this ..

John Key is expected to debate and defend NZ position on carbon emissions and our ETS (note: This blog suggest the ETS should be scrapped) at Copenhagen.


The IPCC ‘talking heads’, Al Gore wont debate the ‘man made climate’ issue at the Imperial College of London.

The point is, don’t enter a field of battle if you cant win. The IPCC scientists have got little stupid John Key in a corner to squeeze out a bigger commitment from your back pocket.

UPDATE: Phew lucky escape : Key dumped from BBC Copenhagen debate, but they still got $45 Mil out of him. We are suckers..!