This is the ONLY reason why NZ has a carbon trading scheme

This is the only reason why the John Key flip flopped on the ETS.  If you scroll down below you will see John Key statements in Hansard stating that he doesn’t believe in man made climate change.


Thats it, NOTHING TO DO with the fraudulent debate of climate change.

The left wing socialists of the European Union have bullied our fat head prime minister to think that our exports wont find a home in the UK or Europe. He was scared into line. Europe is controlled by an unelected body in Brussels that impose their own Marxist ideas on the fools who live in Europe. Communism has moved from the old Russia to the new Europe.

The supply and demand rule that John Key doesn’t understand, and is scared to let it play out in the world markets.


Not all super markets are run by tree hugging man made climate change idiots, not all countries want to eat and drink poor quality product, if NZ exports are good enough then they will find a buyer.  

John Key should NOT have imposed a NATION WIDE ETS, he should have allowed each individual exporting board or company to handle the ‘Carbon issue’ on their own. After all its just part of the standard negotiations between buyer and seller, is it not !

John Key is a fool, or put it another a Prime Minister that was voted in as National leader but is executing the previous Labor government policies.

Currently National is flying high in the poles, and to do this h must be getting support from Labor voters. The main reason why the poles are so friendly is because Key has failed to be fiscally responsible as he spends up large at $400,000,000 per week on the New Zealand Credit card. These monies are not going to build roads or dams or bridges, these monies are going to pay for life style tax credit policies like : No interest on student loans, funded child care, tax break called working for families.

If we continue to borrow the $400,000,000 per WEEK, then about March 2012 NZ gets into serious pissing off international bankers as our government debt to GDP ratio goes into the RED ZONE. This means serious cost cutting is going to rock NZ society  in 2012. With the NZDUSD up at $0.84, might be time to by US Dollars for wealth protection.

The reader can blame the writer, I voted National at the last election, my next electoral vote will, maybe in Australia ! Ha !