Large Countries do manipulate smaller Countries.

Large Countries do manipulate smaller Countries.

Consider this story: (Confessions of an) Economic Hitman

John Perkins Economist confesses all, he tells us about his career as an Economic Hitman.

..”There are two way to conquer a country by force with armed forces or by debt”..

In 1972 a group of small countries held a massive country to ransom. This was OPEC over the USA.

USA by 1972 was all powerful they had own World War 2, but could not stare down OPEC. In 1972 USA had no leverage over the OPEC countries as the USA was owed nothing by OPEC. Once the crisis was over, the US Treasury walked into John Perkins office (and others), and asked how they can avoid such a crisis ever happening again. The response from the Economists was, we must issue them with debt that is owed to the US. The result is OPEC has the oil, and USA has OPEC debt. A balance of power was addressed, where USA had the advantage as they owned OPEC sovereign debt.

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The first video is most amazing:

John Perkins website is a supporter of climate change of which this site is NOT. This post shows how small countries are manipulated by large countries. More so when the larger country owns your debt.

NZ is borrowing $300 million a week, and has done for 3 years. Foreign bankers own our arse!  This debt is called a ‘mark’, and the mark can be on sold to anyone (large banker, or country) who wants to buy it. Anyone that wants to manipulate the country it belongs too.

It makes you wonder how John Key changed his mind on Climate Change, doesn’t ?

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