Aussie postpones Carbon Scheme

Source: Rudd does a flip on climate change plans

It reported that Kevin Rud can read the tea leaves. Budgeting for a carbon trading scheme has been halted for at least 3 years. Rud has conceded to opposition popularity that he does NOT have public support for the scheme.

Aussie’s scream louder and make more noise that Kiwi’s, are we just sheep on this side of the Tasman, I guess so.

Our major export competitor and employer of skilled labour has JUST SAID NO to a new tax, that we already have.

Mr Key, how can we catch Aussie economically now? Not a chance.

The kiwi ETS is a joke for our 0.00001% of world carbon emmissons.

Do sheep have any teeth at all…

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  1. Good on the Aussies for showing some teeth. I would imagine that the establishment is regrouping and repackaging the tax for another go at getting it past the Aussie sheeple.

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