The Climate Change hidden Game Plan

First a education for the reader

I urge you to watch these videos.

Documentary: The Rothschild’s Exposed 1, 2, 3

The most powerful family in the world most profitable business model is to lend to kings, countries and states that have a controlled tax base, as the debt will always get paid back. The Rockefeller’s have been customers of the Rothschild’s. Birds of a feather flock together. Currently the Central banker of England and the USA has ties and debt owed to the above powerful bankers.

UPDATE(20110528) : The Bank of England, The New York Federal Reserve and the Bundesbank are ALL PRIVATELY OWNED BANKS they are NOT government bodies or created by the law of the land. The Bank of England is part owner of the New York Federal Reserve, the New York Federal reserve is the don (ie most influential) of the USA central banks. You can see from the link that follows that Rothschilds, Rockerfella, JP Morgan Coy are the dons of the banksters.
OwnerShip Reference :

A USA President decided to expose secret societies. JFK took on the ‘new world order’ and lost. Its difficult to tie his assignation to his speech, but his death did remove the exposure:

The Rockefeller view on the current war on terror.
Interview with Aaron Russo. Film maker, politician
Who is he:

The interview on that discusses Aaron meeting with Nick Rockefeller
(10 minutes)
(Hour and half)

If have taken the time to get educated on who will really benefit from a World Government, in short it is the bankers. There are issues forming a world government, how to merge independent countries, how to impose taxation, how to impose the World Governments will.

Question: How do you get people and countries to unite for a common cause such as the creation of a World Government, even when for years they have been opposed to each other? Answer: Create a greater evil that scares all parties. Examples are: War,  War on terror, 9/11, Climate Change, Financial collapse. After all the United Nations was created after World War 2.

Question: How can a World Government generate an income or taxation when it offers no services (i.e. Education, Healthcare, etc)? Answer: The current answer is Climate Change Carbon taxation. A countries carbon debit is sent to a central world body to be distributed to those countries that have carbon credits. The central world body would of course deduct huge fees for its trouble and also impose itself upon those that pay and receive such monies. The Carbon tax system is nothing more than a massive value added tax or GST, it works the same way.

Question: How does the World Government impose its will on a population that doesn’t wish to conform, with out costing a fortune in military operations? Answer: The money is entered with a computer chip for each person (either inserted within the person or not). After all wars destroy or kill a paying tax base.

Some interesting facts that support bankers to lend to the central bankers:
– Socialism is the tool used indebt a nation to foreign banks.
– Entitlement societies are the product of socialistic policies, enslaving the population to the state.
– The need to indebt the population as soon as it reaches working is critical to socialism and enslavement to the state.
– Political systems that require a compromise that will weaken the strong willed popular vote by the masses. MMP does exactly this. Smaller parties overrule the will of large parties to secure the political power, in doing so they effect is a softening down of free market policies.

More Evidence of the few trying to dominate the masses
– Listen to the confessions of an Economic Hitman, if you find the above to hard to believe what can go on.
–  Matt Taibbi : Wall Street Insiders Are Using the Bailout to Stage a Revolution

Chart Attached: This is cashflow of the bankers and the goal of World Government. The bankers have secured and own the USA and UK central banks. The final goal is control over a world central bank. It’s just a natural progression and good business for this mob.