New York Federal Reserve ALL EVIL

First  you wont understand this post unless you have read and studied the previous two posts.

Reminder: The New York Fed is a private bank, owned by Rockerfellas, Rothschilds, JP Morgan, etc


This is the book that truly points the finger at the cause of the Financial crises, and the clearly state (one of the reasons not all) that the employees of the New York Fed that went on to work and control the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury and Government, promoted the less regulation is better, and bubble economics, repeal of an important act called Glass Seagal lend to massive leverage the banks and the finally the 2008 crisis. The POINT is all losses from the crisis were SOCIALISED, that means taxpayers paid, while PROFITS made by these banks were not rolled back, the bankster kept their bonuses. There have been no bankster sent to jail, they have a FREE pass to do what the want as the law enforcement are to SCARED to rock the banking world as they may cause a bank to fail or worse NOT fund politicians election campaigns.

The main point is NOTHING CHANGED !  The current Obama Administraton have jailed no bankster crooks, ZIP, none, nada !

COMMENTS: Whats this to do with Climate Change, well its the loading up of debt onto governments that force more control into the hands of the master bankers (Rockerfellas, Rothschilds, JP Morgan, etc).  If they have control they can influence policy, and the nature of taxation on the masses.

If they can do this to the British, German and USA Governments and central banks, they sure as hell can do it to a WORLD GOVERNMENT and a WORLD CENTRAL BANK. In the end they will be all powerful on a world scale. After all USA as fallen!

The USA Federal Reserve Balance Sheet:
June 2007 (before Crisis): $200 Billion (mostly CASH)
June 2011 (after Crisis): $2,500 Billion (mostly JUNK paper from mortgage backed securities) and still growing….

The US Federal Reserve is NOT a US Government department, but the US government is on ticker for this debt.