NZders face a massive hole of debt

Yes yes we do…

13,000,000,000.00 – Thats $13bn..( I think I have the correct number of zero’s)..

AND we are expected by the UN to send approx $50m for the next 10yrs to their GREEN CLIMATE CHANGE FUND…only $500 million..Hey, isnt that a new Star Ship Hospital !

So what if we dont send a dime…what will happen to us,  our exports


Sure we would get several  negative reviews and ‘sticks and stones’ threats from the tree hugging northern academics say that we are not doing our bit to reduce NZ’s share of 0.000001% of the world carbons…so what ! I would rather have a job than be a slave to the nations debt ( or leave NZ of course).

Sure there maybe the odd supermarket that may not buy our apples in France or Germany, but that’s no reason for every to get NZder to get a ETF TAX ! The apples will be sold to someone ! And that folks is JOHN KEYS and NICK SMITH miss calculation. They think it’s smarter to pay $3 billion of middle class wealth fare each and every year (childcare, working for families, Student loans etc).

Quite, can you here that, a socialist has his Green foot in his mouth !