TV3 Shameless Idiots…

Source: Summit will not stop rising sea levels

Why reporting one side, as per usual.

1) All they say below may happen as of NATURAL consequence, and nothing to do with man made CO2.
2) Every little earth hick up will be blamed on man made climate warming.

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Scary alarmist rubbish..

TV3 shamless one sided rubbish..

…”Efforts to keep temperatures from increasing more than two degrees still will not stop sea waters rising around the globe.

Under today’s deal, small island nations remain under severe threat of being swallowed by the sea and many animal species face extinction.

The Greenland Ice Sheet could start to melt.

The melting of the arctic glaciers would be accelerated.

The West Antarctic ice sheet would be in danger of collapse, melting into the sea.

Up to 10 million people would be affected by coastal flooding each year.

In South East England, thousands of homes could be underwater.

For low-lying islands like the Maldives, it would be devastating.

One estimate predicts between 15 and 40 percent of animal species would face extinction.

Vulnerable regions like the Mediterranean and southern Africa would experience a 20 to 30 percent decrease in water supplies.

African crop yields would drop by as much as ten percent. Millions more would face hunger and malnutrition.