China is looking out for Westerners Freedom!


Thank god for China !

China is saying NO to the world wide lefty and socialist movement to tax you on bad science.  Any tax on you is a reduction of your freedom.

Any monies to the ‘Climate Change Fund’, will just be allocated to purchases of whiskey, guns and whores in undeveloped countries. You have better believe it ! NOT to mention the massive theft by UN and other climate consultants.

So even if the science was good (which it is not), not $1 of NZ taxpayers funds should leave NZ. But ‘I have no back bone’ John Key and ‘lost in the woods’ Nick Smith have already coughed up $135 mil…da !

Source: Obama Snubbed by Chinese Premier at Climate Meeting

UPDATE: Smoke and Mirrors..

…”The U.S. and China have been at an impasse at United Nations-led negotiations in Copenhagen, where 193 countries are struggling to agree on terms for a new accord to cut greenhouse- gas emissions. Obama has proposed a $100 billion-a-year international fund to help poor countries deal with climate change, which is part of today’s accord.

Obama had said China and other major emitters must agree to independent verification of their actions to fight climate change. China has said such a demand is unfair.

The White House official today said industrialized and developing countries have agreed to provide information on implementation of their actions through national communications and analysis under clearly defined guidelines.”..

1) China will not tolerate USA/UN carbon inspectors checking up on them.
2) Obama will not get Congress behind him.
3) The token agreement is NOT legally binding.
4) Smaller developed countries ( ie NZ ) will hand over hard cash when China and USA will not pay a cent.

Just like Kyoto…smoke and mirrors…